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"The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations, and the richer their experiences" - Louis Malaguzzi

16 Month to ​2 1/2-Year Old Toddler Class

Our full day Toddler program offers a nurturing and fun environment that focuses on both physical and mental growth. Our program is flexible, providing freedom to explore in a safe and stimulating environment while learning at their own pace. In base of their interests, toddlers can move through our different learning centers such as our art center, block center, dramatic center, and book center. Our schedule allows for basic routines such as washroom, eating, rest time, outdoor time and free play time.
Our teacher to child ratio is 1:

2 1/2-Year to 4-Year Old Junior Class

​Our Junior room is a hustle and bustle of activity! With our Emergent Curriculum, we incorporate age appropriate, fun and exciting activities that engage, inspire and challenge their young minds. We encourage children to explore and be creative within all the areas of our classroom! Our teacher to child ratio is 1:8.

Transitional Kindergarten Senior Class

​Our exciting Emergent Curriculum in the Senior room allows our children to explore their interests while learning in all Domains. We have areas in our classroom set up for Creative, Blocks, Science, Books, Dramatic, Sensory and Free play. Based on the children’s interests we provide a variety of fun and exciting learning experiences that focus on their Social, Emotional, Communication, Language, Literacy, Cognitive and Physical Domains. Our teacher to child ratio is 1:8.

Victoria Learning Centre and Child Care, Kitchener